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    Exclamation Authorisation failed --> connected with memory card

    I just found a reason for the "authorisation failed" message on the mobile phone (Nokia N80), which was not stated on this boards before (or at least i didn't find a similar post):

    if there is a problem with the memory card, the "authorisation failed" message appears on phone.

    I do not know what causes the problem that suddenly the mobile phone does not recognize the memory card anymore, but when it is not accessible (tools/memory) or drive e: is not visible in pc suite's file manager , then the error message is displayed - if it is recognized correctly, then a dialog "install to " appears as it should.

    We use that phone just for testing our applications, not for real usage. So it is quite strange why this happens - the phone has absolutley no sign of wear. Turning off the phone and reinserting the card usually makes the thing working again..
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