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    shen zhen

    Hello guys!How can I code a system clock program!

    I am a newer here and I want to code a system clock program but I don`t understand how to use the RUNNABLE and thread who can give me an example about how to use a subthead??thanks a lot!

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    Re: Hello guys!How can I code a system clock program!

    class Something implements Runnable {
      public void run() {
        // whatever the thread is supposed to do
    // ... somewhere else, we start a thread from the former Runnable:
    Thread t = new Thread(new Something()); // if you already have an instance of Something 
                                            // handy you don't need to create a new one here
    t.start(); // and... we're off!

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    Re: Hello guys!How can I code a system clock program!

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