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    How to see network traficc in s60 2nd. Ed. FP3 emulator


    In s60 3rd Ed. emulator I can see network trafic, just Tools->Diagnostic->Traffic window

    In S60 2nd Ed. emulator I miss that options.

    Is there any possibility how to see network traffic?


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    Re: How to see network traficc in s60 2nd. Ed. FP3 emulator

    You've probably found this by now, but for the benefit of others:

    1. Run C:\Symbian\8.1a\S60_2nd_FP3\Epoc32\tools\npacketadmin.exe

    2. Go to "View|Received Packets Dump" or "View|Sent Packets Dump".

    3. Click "Start".

    You will see all packets on the adaptor being used by the emulator. To filter and only display certain packets types (for example, not broadcast packets), go to "Service|Control Panel..." and click the "Set..." button next to "Filter". You can then select the NDIS flags you want to filter on.

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