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Thread: [6020] irda

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    [6020] irda

    I'm looking for some information about programing irda connection in nokia 6020. So, have anyone ever programed irda connection in nokia 6020 using j2me ? I need to know if it possible to write simple program using irda connection because I have to write a simple midlet that connects with application on pc.

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    String s = System.getProperty("microedition.commports");

    Check if that devices follows the Nokia 5410 way or the recommend MIDP way. I doubt for both and think it will return Null. You have to get at least a Nokia Series 40 in 3rd Edition to get this done.

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    Re: [6020] irda

    I checked documentation about series 40 and found that series 40 serves Irda but Nokia 6020 includes series 40 2.0 :/ so thanks for help
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