I'm trying to export my SMS message from my 6210 to a database I'm
developing. I got the basics to work (after much much trial and error,
cannot say the SDK documentation is that great a help). Now I've
walked into a couple of walls. I'm using Visual Basic 6.0 SP 5 with
PC Suite 4.81 (so that I can read folders from my phone). This is
what I'm doing basically:

1. Check if phone is connected through STTNGS3A_SLib.PhoneInfo_Suite3.get_DeviceStatus
2. Get all the folders through NokiaCLMessaging.IFolder.ReadFolders
3. Get all message IDs in a folder through NokiaCLMessaging.IMemory.ReadMemory
4. Get the messages themselves through SMS3ASuiteLib.SMS_SuiteAdapter.Read

Now I'm having the following problems:

1. With the folder Templates i'm getting the wrong list of ID's. Personally
I don't need this folder anyway. But I cannot seem to get an flag or something
that the current folder is the template folder so that I can skip it. Is
there a way to figure that out?

2. When reading a message in step 4 my application completely crashes (not
even my error handler is called!) with a memory read/write error when the
actual message is a Picture SMS or contains a Picture. I would like to
'skip' these messages but I don't see a way to find out it is a message
to skip! I've tried to use the function NokiaCLMessaging.IMemory.ReadMemory
with the parameter SHORTMESSAGE_SERVICE_TYPE_GMS (instead of SMS) but that
yields an empty list. I've also tried the function SMS3ASuiteLib.IGraphicalMS.FindNextGMS
but that does not give me anything that I can use (and also crashes on the
last one it seems with an Automation Error). Is there a way to detect whether
it is a graphic SMS or something? I don't want a crashing application.

I also have another question. There are messages that are split over a number
of SMS messages (like 3 messages belong to the same message but were split up
in 160 character chunks). Now when this is the case it seems to be that the
User data header contains a couple of longs that indicate this. Does anyone
have the exact format and rules so that I can concatenate message together?

I really someone has some answers, suggestions anything for me because I'm
really banging my head against the wall on these problems.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,