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    Question on Importing Projects into Carbide

    Hi there,

    I am totally new to Carbide to Symbian, and have just installed it(along with ActivePerl).

    I also have this Symbian book ( "Developing Series 60 Applications" ) which has some sample code that I am trying to compile to try. It's this BluetoothChat app, and the project itself contains the four folders:

    aif, group, inc and src.

    So I go to File->Import , and there is a dialog box that shows all the possible options to import this project.

    I first tried "Symbian Bld.Inf" but the bld.inf in the "group" folder just won't load for some reason. There are no error messages, just that in the next window when I have the path of that .inf file specified, the Next and Finish buttons are still greyed out. Here are the contents for the bld.inf file :

    * @brief Build information file for BluetoothChat application
    * Copyright (c) EMCC Software Ltd 2003
    * @version 1.0


    // End of File

    Then I tried to import the mmp file instead. But, then I get this error message "Error detected on token Usage" .

    Here are the contents of the mmp file:

    * @brief Project specification file for BluetoothChat application
    * Copyright (c) EMCC Software Ltd 2003
    * @version 1.0

    TARGET BluetoothChat.app
    UID 0x100039CE 0x101F6148
    TARGETPATH \system\apps\BluetoothChat

    SOURCEPATH ..\src
    SOURCE BluetoothChatApplication.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothChatAppUi.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothChatDocument.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothChatDialog.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothDeviceSearcher.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothServiceSearcher.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothAdvertiser.cpp
    SOURCE TBluetoothAttributeParser.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothClient.cpp
    SOURCE BluetoothServer.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\group
    RESOURCE BluetoothChat.rss
    RESOURCE BluetoothChat_caption.rss

    LANG 01

    USERINCLUDE . ..\inc

    SYSTEMINCLUDE \epoc32\include

    LIBRARY euser.lib apparc.lib cone.lib eikcore.lib
    LIBRARY eikcoctl.lib avkon.lib
    LIBRARY eikdlg.lib
    LIBRARY btextnotifiers.lib
    LIBRARY bluetooth.lib
    LIBRARY sdpdatabase.lib
    LIBRARY sdpagent.lib
    LIBRARY esock.lib
    LIBRARY btmanclient.lib
    LIBRARY aknnotify.lib
    LIBRARY commonengine.lib
    LIBRARY btdevice.lib
    LIBRARY estor.lib

    AIF BluetoothChat.aif ..\aif BluetoothChatAif.rss c12 context_pane_icon.bmp context_pane_icon_mask.bmp list_icon.bmp list_icon_mask.bmp

    // End of File

    I have also tried importing using the "File System" option so I would choose that entire folder that contains all four of those sub-folders( aif, group, inc and src ), but that causes problems since Carbide automatically creates extra main cpp files for you .

    Please help, the help documentation isn't helpful at all on how to import projects, thanks!

    This BluetoothChat app is part of the code samples for that Symbian book I mentioned before and I got it from here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...60_2x.zip.html


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    Re: Question on Importing Projects into Carbide

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