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    Question Playing MP3 using File Connection & MM-API

    Hi i am trying to play the mp3 files which r on my media card. I can explore the media card using File Connection API. How can i create a player using the path of mp3 files on media card. I am using the following code to create player, when the mp3 file is included in the JAR file (works fine!)

    InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/sounds/myfile.mp3");
    Player p = Manager.createPlayer(is,"audio/mpeg");

    Please tell me how to get Player object usimg the path of mp3 file from the media card. Please give the code sample lnes if possible. Thanx


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    Re: Playing MP3 using File Connection & MM-API


    You may use fileconnection api to play files from the filesystem of the phone or from the media card.

    Here is a tutorial on how to use fileconnection

    u may also search this forum . we have discussed this in a lot of threads.


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    Re: Playing MP3 using File Connection & MM-API

    Here are some documents that would be of some help to you.

    MIDP: Mobile Media API Developer's Guide

    MIDP: Mobile Media API Example - Media Sampler


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    Re: Playing MP3 using File Connection & MM-API

    Hi Syson,
    The code you have written is to play the file kept in your sounds folder.For playing a file in the MMC you have to set up a file connection to the concerned file that you should play and then create the Input stream.

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