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    Sample Mobile Games

    Just one query.Is there some sample SNAP based multiplayer game that can be downloaded? If yes then please give the URL...

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    Re: Sample Mobile Games


    We have developed a sample game as well as beginer and intermediate sample code.

    It will be publised on Forum Nokia in the SNAP Mobile 1.2 SDK.
    This release is due out very soon.

    Please watch the SNAP Mobile site at Forum Nokia for details.


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    Re: Sample Mobile Games


    There is a new version of Sun's WTK (2.5) that has just been released in the last couple of days. It is available on Sun's website at:


    This release contains a sample 2-player game that demonstrates proper usage of most SNAP Mobile APIs. It's called "SnapMobileSample", and is probably exactly what you are looking for!

    In order to run the sample app, you need to use the most recent release of the Server Emulator, which is part of the SNAP Mobile SDK v1.1.1. It is available on Forum Nokia, and can be reached here:

    - go to "http://www.forum.nokia.com/"
    - click on "Tools and SDKs" in the left-hand menu bar
    - this will bring up a popup menu. Select "Java Tools"
    - select the "SNAP Mobile Client SDK"
    - from here you can download the SDK, which contains all up-to-date documentation as well.

    NOTE: there will shortly be a new release of the SNAP Mobile SDK on the Forum Nokia website (at the same location, just re-download and install the new version). The new release contains greatly expanded sample code, including a fully-featured multiplayer game which illustrates proper usage of most SNAP Mobile API features, as well as proper handling of errors and asynchronous events, etc. It also contains expanded documentation, and a significantly enhanced graphical server emulator with development and testing tools built in. Look for this release, it's coming very soon!

    I'll repost in this forum when it's up.

    SNAP Mobile Engineer

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