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    Problems with Carbide Debugger


    I've some problems with the debugger included in Carbide.c++ Express 1.0.

    First of all it doesn't catch debug messages send with RDebug::Print. I can see the messages in the emulator log epocwind.out, I can catch them with SysInternals DebugView, but the integrated debugger doesn't show them. I've searched this forum, but haven't found a solution. The emulator is set to "Log to debugger" and I've enabled "View Windows system messages" on the debugger tab of the IDE run configurations.

    Another problem is that "Resume at line" doesn't work for me. I want to skip some lines of code, but the debugger ignores my request. It even doesn't show a message that my request is invalid at this time.

    Can anybode help me to tame this beast?

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    Re: Problems with Carbide Debugger

    The "Resume at line" feature doesn't work in the Express release, we have been working to fix this for our next release. As for the RDebug problem, you need to have 'View Process Output' checked in the debug configuration and then they should show up in the 'Debug Messages' console view.

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    Re: Problems with Carbide Debugger

    Hello msalmo,

    thank you for your reply.

    From my work with other IDEs I awaited that the console view automatically switched to debug view in a debug session. Now that I know that I have to switch console views it works like expected.

    As with the "Resume at line" feature, when will the next release been expected?

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