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    Problem in service registration?

    Hi all.
    I created two midlets: one for a server and one for a client
    My midlet works very well on WTK: client find devices and find the service. so, the client can connect to the server and i can send some messages to the server.
    But I have a problem in real test on Nokia 6630 and Nokia Communicator too.
    I think service Registration doesn't work. Clients find devices but they don't find the service on the server. I don't understand: midlet works well on WTK and doesn't work on real devices!
    Have you any idea?

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    Re: Problem in service registration?


    what protocol/service you meant? web services? (just guessing client<>service on server)


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    peterblazejewicz, Bluetooth is meant.

    Palermo4Ever, how is this related? Why not continuing there. Why have you posted this on the Sony Ericsson Developer World, previously?

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