I have made speed tests on a S40 Nokia 6280 for access and open+display on 4 SVG files with the FSR-75 (fca) API. My SVG files have 0, 1, 2, 4 svg groups (<g>) with the same content. Their sizes are 0.5, 16, 35, 71 kb.

The code :
//String url = "file:///C:/GPS/fileX.svg";
String url = "file:///E:/GPS/fileX.svg";
FileConnection conn = (FileConnection) Connector.open( url, Connector.READ );
InputStream svgStream = conn.openInputStream();
svgImage = (SVGImage)( SVGImage.createImage( svgStream, null ) );

with an url = C:/// (memory) times are fewer 1 sec.
with an url = E:/// (Kingston Card) times are #1 s/kb (70kb -> 70s, 35kb -> 32s etc..)

Access to SVG files on K. card in Java seems very slow. (making an 'open' browsing directly the file system (Gallery) is still immediate.
Can anyone confirm that ?
Is that caused by acces to the K card or by the SVG raster system (in Java) ?
Can I use any other method for faster SVG files opening ?