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    Post ICE Technology released iPush J2ME Package for MIDP 2.0 API

    Taipei, Taiwan - June 22th, 2006 - ICE Technology Corp. officially released iPush J2ME package for MIDP 2.0 API. It enables real-time data distribution capability between J2ME MIDlets.

    iPush Server is a proven middleware for real-time data distribution, designed for serving massive concurrent connections. With its various APIs, iPush Server can serve different kind of client applications and devices, from server to mobile device. Clients on different platforms can participate in the same real-time service, subscribe-to-receive data in the way of server pushing.

    With iPush J2ME package for MIDP 2.0 API, Java MIDlets can leverage the high performance of iPush Server which achieves throughput of 105,000 messages per second on a entry-level PC host. Furthermore, a Java MIDlet can bi-directionally communicate with other applications on Linux, Windows, Java virtual machine, Pocket PC, Smart Phone, even embedded system. This presents another important feature - high accessibility of iPush Server.

    The API is offered as a J2ME package, com.icetech.ipush2. This API is shipped with programming guide and sample code. And it had been proven on SonyEricsson Z800i and Nokia N70 Java Phones. "Although many manufacturers claimed that their Java Phones support MIDP 2.0, but the incompatible issue is still there. We would like to co-work with developers to offer a compatible iPush J2ME package API for other specific models." said Fred Chiang, Chief Marketing Officer of ICE Technology.

    To see more details of iPush Server, please visit http://www.icetechnology.com/products/ipushv2/

    To see what clients are supported by iPush Server, please visit http://www.icetechnology.com/product.../clients.shtml

    About ICE Technology Corporation
    Founded in April 2000, ICE Technology is a leading provider of real-time information distribution software and relative solutions for real-time services.

    ICE Technology delivers the most cost-effective information distribution server family, iPush Server, and provides solutions for various vertical markets’ needs, such as financial service, sports and gamming, mobile service, and industrial automation. Please visit http://www.icetechnology.com to get more information about ICE Technology.
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