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    problem in creating menu

    My application runs on 3230 but my menu is not running in Fullscreenmode but in canvas i set it to SetfullScreenmode(true) that works fine.is there any method for High Level User interface(in Forms etc..)to set in fullscreenmode?
    Thank you for anyone replyng

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    Re: problem in creating menu

    for my opinion setfullscreenmode(true) painting over the menus is its purpose.

    i never checked if a command is still working in full screen mode. did you?


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    Re: problem in creating menu

    hi sathyaedraj,

    high levels ui (Screen>Displayable>.....) does not have full screen mode, they are completly managed by system,
    you can only listend for eventually size changed of Screen (if device support flexible layout - usefull on S60 3rd edition) or get with/get hegiht if required for something,

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