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    Deleting a Folder in use


    look at this code:

    TBuf<256> kDirToDelete;
    _LIT(kDirName, "C:\\try");

    void CSymbianClientFolderExplorer::deleteDirL(const TDes& kDirToDelete)
    RFs fsSession;

    // Connect to the file server

    // Delete a folder

    // Close the connection with the file server

    When i use it to delete a folder i even get the message "In use by another application (-14)". That appens in any case, both on the Epoc32 Emulator that on my Phone Nokia 6680.
    State that the directory is closed and empty. I also tryed unmount the file system but the directory couldn't be removed because in use! All application all obviusly closed.

    Note that the directory i want to delete is a simple folder created by me with only for try that is: C:\\try
    Note also that i manage to remove any files without any problem with a similar code.

    Can someone help me to understeand why? how i can delete a dir?

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    Re: Deleting a Folder in use

    Note that you should use a trailing backslash: "C:\\try\\"

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    Re: Deleting a Folder in use

    thanks, now it work

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