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    Ringtones problems - please help me understand


    I have problems with sending ringtones to nokia phones. I browsed very many posts in this discussion board but although many people asked the same questions, answers were incomplete, partial or useless. I am surprised to see that so many developers have the same problem but there is no clear article on how to send ringtones and logos.

    Let me summarize my observations and problems:
    1) It is clear how to encode a ringtone to the "//SCKL..." format

    2) The SM FAQ specifies how to encode the data in 8-bit format. If I understand it well, it means that instead of text "//SCKL1851" one should encode it as a UDH.

    3) Many people say 7-bit and 8-bit channel, encoding, etc. What does it mean? How to check whether my SMSC operators support 8-bit communication channel? I presume, that 7-bit means packaging a 7-bit alphabet into 8-bit octets that lets us send 160 characters over 140 octets.

    4) I found that there is a setting called DCS (Data Coding Scheme) in SMSC protocols and think that this has something to do with the 8-bit channel.

    5) When sending the text message "//SCKL1851 ..." I used the AI5 (7bit alphabet) with the following results:
    - the 7110 nokia accepted the ringtones properly
    - the 3310 nokia recognized the message as a ringtone, but it was empty
    - I was told that this might be because I hadn't used 8-bit channel (is this right)?

    8) I tried different variations of sending the "//SCKL1581..." ringtone in text format using DCS 7-bit and 8-bit but with no success. The 3310 reported:
    - an arrival of a ringtone but the ringtone was empty ("//SCKL..." in 7-bit format)
    - an arrival of a message with the "the message could not be displayed" information (for any message with the 8-bit DCS, even for the message from the faq (8-bit encoded) sent as hex and binary encoding).

    Summary and questions
    - it is easy to create a ringtone message
    - what should be the format of the message?
    - what should be the content of the message?
    - how is it passed as value to format a message for a specific SMSC protocol? can anyone give an example? at least in Nokia CIMD protocol?

    I would be really grateful to learn the answers. If somebody could help me or direct me to relevant resources, I would be really grateful.

    Thank you very much for your time and assistance,
    Cezary Nolewajka

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    RE: Ringtones problems - please help me understand

    Data coding scheme in short message can be using 7/8/16 bit data
    coding scheme.
    Safest and easiest is to use 8 bit data coding scheme when making
    smart messaging messages in binary format(with UDH). This is the most
    supported format in Nokia phones.
    If you use //SCKL format it is always text, using 7 bit data coding
    scheme which is the normal text format. This format is not supported
    in many Nokia phone models.
    I'm not sure what is meant by channel encoding. Does it mean the same
    as data coding scheme or something completely different.
    Here you can find a document about CIMD and Smart Messaging:
    M, Forum Nokia

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