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    real time debug info on Nokia's phones by usb cable?

    Hi all,

    i've been developing applications for j2me enabled phones and found Midway's application (for Motorola phones) "debug log" feature amazing. You can see all kind of info, messages generated during the midlet download and installation on the phone, and the proccess followed during http connections, for example.

    I've used it for the V550 Motorola's phone, but now im using a Nokia 6230.

    Does Midway work for cell phones other than Motorola (i've tried a bit without result)? Or does anyone know if there is a similar application for the Nokia's phones?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: real time debug info on Nokia's phones by usb cable?


    I don't think midway is supported by Nokia phones. It is mainly for motorola phones.


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