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    What is "message waiting indication group(store message"?

    What is "message waiting indication group(store message)"? When an incoming sms can be treated as this group? I have heard that this message is similar to Class 2 mesage.
    I have an application reading message from phone. I set message indication as AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0. Normally, my application receives the message like +CMT: <caller id><date> and <data>. But today when i send sms from my phone, my application receives like +CMTI: <SM> <index>.
    So, my question is why my application can not receive the message. Instead the mesage was stored in the phone's memory.
    I send the sms as usual( not class 2). Has my SMSC converted the sms into class 2 type? Or is the message that i have sent converted into "message waiting indication group(store message)" ?.

    Pliz clearify my doubt.

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    RE: What is "message waiting indication group(store message"?


    Please see following thread about Class 2 messages:

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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