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    Unhappy S60 3rd Edition MR icon scaling issues

    Having created an icon from a scalable image in a .mif file using:

    CFbsBitmap * const bitmap = AknIconUtils::CreateIconL(aFileName, aId)

    I then try to size it with:


    Interestingly, if I then call bitmap->SizeInTwips(), I always seem to get back TSize(0, 0), regardless of the size I try to set.

    With the pre-MR SDK, the size seems to be suitably set and retrievable.

    What's broken? Is there something I need to do differently? Do I need to wait for the next SDK for a fix?

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    Re: S60 3rd Edition MR icon scaling issues

    Hi grchauvet! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!! :)

    I have seen that you have already made a same post in Symbian C++ section of the forum. Since this is Java section and as your doubt is related to Symbian C++, please continue your discussion there and also please dont make multiple postings in same regard, that may confuse other users searching in future.


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