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    Problem sending GPRS settings

    Hello! I'm trying to deliver the GPRS settings to a NOKIA mobile phone. I've been using the settings from the OTA settings specification 7.0 (12th september 2001) as well as our own settings.
    I've tried both sending with a message length of 120 bytes and with a message length of 140 bytes. Here is an example of the messages sent.
    ==== Message 1 using 120 byte message length and settings from OTA ====
    ==== Message 2 =====
    ==== Message 1 using our settings and 140 byte message length ====
    === Message 2 =====
    I've tried to send both WAP and GPRS settings to three handsets - 6210, 6310i and 7650. When I send the GPRS message to the 6210 and 6310 the handset doesn't even show an incoming message alert, however I get an delivery receipt from the SMSC. When I send to the 7650 I get the message, and it recognises it as an configuration message in the inbox, however it says that the message is unreadable when trying to open it.
    The WAP settings however are received as settings in 6210 and 6310, but they don't save correctly. The 7650 receives a configuration message but it's unreadable.
    Any ideas of what might be wrong?

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    RE: Problem sending GPRS settings


    First of all 6210 is not a GPRS phone, it is obvious that it does not support GPRS settings.

    Could you post me the settings you are trying to send, I'll create you a proper PDU strings.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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