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    N90 player in 6600

    Is that any way to execute Nokia N90 mp3player on N6600. I have a .sis file but after installing it player didn't want to run. Any of applications s60 3rd wont run on 2nd, will they?

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    Re: N90 player in 6600

    No S60 3rd Edition app will run on a 2nd Ed. device.

    The N90 is a 2nd Ed. Feature Pack 3 (S60 2.8) device. Apps written for it won't run on a 6600 which is 2nd Ed. *WITHOUT* any feature packs (= S60 2.0), because things newer apps depend on are not available on an older phone.

    However, vice versa could work; an S60 2.0 app can run on an S60 2.8 device.

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