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    Is there any response after calling sendBuddyMessage?

    Should I expect any (synchronous or asynchronous) response after calling sendBuddyMessage? I was unable to find explicit answer for that in documentation.


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    Re: Is there any response after calling sendBuddyMessage?

    When you call sendBuddyMessage you will get a return for the send call itself. This success (or failure) says that the message was received by the server correctly.

    In addition, you will receive an asyncronous event, ID 302, that indicates that the message was sent correctly by the servers to the intended buddy.

    Note that the sendBuddyMessage call itself will return success even if the subsequent send was not successful.

    This is the distinction between making a successful call to the gateway and having the API call be successful.

    For example, if I call sendBuddyMessage to user 'bob', but 'bob' does not exist, the call to sendBuddyMessage will still return success.
    You will also get a successful asyncronous return from the IMPS service saying the call was received correctly by the server. You will then get asynchronous error event, ID 303, which will have the error code 914 IMPS_ERROR_NOT_FOUND.


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