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    How to check the network mode

    Dear all,
    I wanna ask is there any method which can help me to the check the network mode(GPRS/GSM) in my program???
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: How to check the network mode

    I don't think there is by using public APIs, but you could certainly achieve this by means of etelmm's RMobilePhone::GetCurrentMode() (the complete etelmm, not the stripped one distributed in public sdks). Search forums for this header/library, as this topic has been discussed often in the past.

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    Re: How to check the network mode

    The public API for doingthis is via MobInfo, downloadable from http://www.symbian.com/developer/dow...s.html#mobinfo

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    Re: How to check the network mode

    You can try RNif

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