Why Nokia STICKS to windows??

I used to use Ubuntu to develop server side codes ,that's fabulous!
When I want to develop client side, I have to return my ugly,silly,sick windows machine.

Symbian's competitor is Windows Winmobile, if the development relies on Windows desktop, Symbian will be another palm sooner or later. Because Window mobile development environment is much better than Symbian development environment. Although the market of Winmobile is smaller than symbian, but developers will feel better to develop winmobile application than to develop symbian app. If you can not help developers to get rid of Windows desktop, developers will get rid of Symbian and turn to winmobile.

That's true. Please info your SDK team for these feed back.

The positive change is that Nokia is developing carbide based on Eclipse. Eclipse is a Java program and I run it as Java and C IDE in multiple platforms. The only shortcoming of this IDE is that the memory consume is a little large. But currently 1G or 2G ram is quite cheap, I have 1.25G -- I can run Carbide fluently.

Using Eclipse based IDE's advantage is that only small parts of native codes need to be developed. I think it's a wise decision. Hope Nokia will soon support Linux emulator and Carbide C++. If so, I will return my Ubuntu box and develop client codes.