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    Question FileConnection question

    Hi There,

    I'm slowly desiging a game, I've not really hit a snag but I would like some advice here,

    Most levels of games are added to the JAR file and parsed from there to access the levels.

    I decided that this was a bit flat and there is no room for improvements like extra levels etc, so I though about having the levels in the same directory as the program

    I know from my research I can load a file from a device using the FileConnection API, but here is the puzzling question??

    (Q) If I'm running my Midlet (Game etc), how do I retrive the complete directory tree that the Midlet is in, as this would need to be passed on to the FileConnection class methods.

    furthermore I know I could put the levels on the MediaCard but this seem a little silly to me!!

    could I have some advice Please

    the pig..

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    Re: FileConnection question

    I have already posted some links on some introduction to FileConnection. Please check this link

    In which phone are you trying? Please note that you cannot access all folders of the device from a Java app.

    The FileSystemRegistry has the static method listRoots() to list the available and supported mounted roots on the device. The list is returned as an Enumeration :
    Enumeration e =  FileSystemRegistry.listRoots();
    while (e.hasMoreElements()) {
                String rootName = (String)e.nextElement();
     System.out.println("mounted root:"+rootName);
    Hope this helps!


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    Thumbs up Re: FileConnection question

    Hi there Thanks for your reply,

    I had a post about this in another forum, but I though I would reply here just to give his and my ideas on this subject.

    Because you have no way of retrieving the directory that your program is run in, it must be done another way.

    you need some sort of non-recursive directory search function, it is non-recursive mainly because of stack space in any mobile device (its at a premium). this will be slower than it's recursive brother but will use less stack because of it.

    the pig..

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    Re: FileConnection question

    the point is that your program is not necessarly in a 'directory' (like a browsable folder)
    it depends on the operating system.
    my suggestion is that you give a particular extension to your levels files, and look for them on a non-recursive maner with a breadth-first algorithm, which may take some time, or you add a navigation module so that the user can browse the file system to find the levels

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