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    Problem wifi Nokia E70

    i have a problem with my new Nokia E70. I've set up an Access Point throw my Wifi network. I've a Netgear DG834PN router.
    Signal is excellent, but it isn't the problem, beacause my LAN works perfectly with my laptop and desktop.
    USing internet with E70 browser, the phone connect to the WLAN, it begins to download web page, but during downloading it stops working...sometimes it never begin downloading..somotimes it works for 1 page completely, but when i try to click on a link, it stops. I think my WLAN network card in the phone can't stay connected to my router ..why? Sometimes it works..sometimes no...
    it may be a software bug..or a phisical problem of my wlan card.
    Can you help me? Is there a firmware update for my phone that can solve this problem? It is impossible to work with this phone...
    my firmware version is
    Nokia E70

    thanks to all..and sorry for my poor english..im italian.

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    Re: Problem wifi Nokia E70

    Try with a different application like Putty (http://sourceforge.net/projects/s2putty) or Google maps for mobile (google.com/gmm). Does these get a steady download?

    I have a E70, 1.0610.05.06 15-05-06 RM-10 and browsing works fine.

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    Unhappy Re: Problem wifi Nokia E70

    Well, supertix, unfortunately I must agree: I also have an E70 with the same "pre-beta" software. And I too have found severe stability problems and a ton of annoying bugs in the firmware:

    - Random crashes
    - The phone connects to the Bluetooth headset for no reason, disrupting my Jabra BT-620s when listening to music.
    - At times, the phone disconnects from the headset in the beginning of a conversation. Then reconnects, sometimes just after putting the call on speaker. Only observed on GSM calls!?
    - Unable to terminate VoIP calls using the Bluetooth headset. Works fine with GSM calls.
    - At times the phone won't open the WLAN connection to connect to VoIP registrar (Is Nokia planning to use telepathy?)
    - First and last names from phone book are switched in SMS views.
    - Still waiting for STUN support (how can anyone make a VoIP phone without STUN support?!)
    - etc etc... (Are you listening, Nokia?)

    Yes, it is very very frustrating to be a beta tester, paying the full price for the unfinished product... :-/

    The good news must be that Nokia will eventually correct those errors. Keep posting your detailed bug reports to the Nokia Helpdesk! Make sure to be precise, and describe you errors in a re-producable way if possible at all. Make sure they promise to report the bugs to the development team. As odd as it may seem, they never ask for further details, so make sure to add all relevant details in your bug report. ;-)
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    Re: Problem wifi Nokia E70

    Hi Supertix. I have same firmware in my E70 than you have and mine works well. What Data Encryption do you have, Web 128 bit or WPA? I have used only with Web 128 bit.

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    Re: Problem wifi Nokia E70

    I'm having pretty much the same problem as the OP, only with a D-Link DGL-4300 router. Multiple laptops can connect to it OK but my E70 can't. Thing is, my E70 can connect to other WiFi networks fine, it's just this one that doesn't want to work. The browser opens and starts to download, the progress bar crawls along but nothing is received. The connection manager shows a trickle of data coming down (a few Kb) before it completely stalls at around 4K. I've tried every combination of settings on the router but to no avail.

    I also get the same behaviour when using IP pass-through.

    Here's the rub. I'm pretty sure (but not 100% certain) that I managed to get the phone to connect to my router immediately after I first bought it and got it home. However, I ran the settings wizard which presumably changed a whole bunch of settings (without asking me to confirm the action first >:-() and I've never been able to get WiFi to work at home since.

    Firmware is 1.0610.05.06 15-05-06 RM-10

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