I am developing an application using Nokia handsets attached to a computer. Since they are remote installations and secured cases the phone is hidden away inside the case and is used for communicating with users / admin etc.

We use the 3220 in the cases, my personal telephone that I am testing with is a 5140 and hyper terminal.

(off topic : great phone by the way i forgot it in my pocket and it withstood about 50cm of sea water for about 10 minutes, didn't remember I had my phone until it vibrated underwater :-)

My question to the gentle readers of this humble post is :

Our provider (Kyivstar Ukraine) uses commands like *111# to check the balance of an acount, commands like *123*2323877734873# to recharge an account using a a scratch card scenario.

Atdt *111# does not reproduce the same results as if you were to enter that on the keypad of the phone then pressed call.

is there a way to dail such via AT+C command or get the result to DTE?