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    Eclipse : How to open a project ?

    Please apologiese for this silly question.

    I wrote several small Java Programms for my Nokia E61 with eclipse an the carbide plugin.

    All things went well, they run on the E61.

    Then i stopped and today i want to open the projects again.

    But unfortunately eclipse has no possibility to open an already existing project.

    I could create a new project, i can open the java files, but there is no point where i can work on the old projects because i can´t open them.

    Is there a trick ? (Except reading tons of Eclipse Doku, i´ve read already much, but i was not able to find the right point)


    (and sorry for my bad english)

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    Re: Eclipse : How to open a project ?


    Please set the path for the workspace to the folder where ur older projects are present. Then it will automatically gets loaded into the eclipse.
    Or u can copy all the application folders to ur new eclipse workspace folder.
    Hope this works for u as well.


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    Re: Eclipse : How to open a project ?

    I think, i made an "import" after i switched my workspace to the new direction.

    Now i have access to one Project of the last week.

    I don´t know, how Eclipse found that, but now i have at least one of my latest projects.


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