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    background execute ?

    How can i make my program execute as background application and how can i make it start automatically whenever the phone is started.


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    Re: background execute ?

    run at startup: you cannot.
    Possible solution: use Push feature.

    Run on the background: it depends on the device. Here's a list of devices willing to running MIDlets on the background: http://www.club-java.com/TastePhone/..._Benchmark.jsp

    It can be done (if possible) using display.setCurrent(null), or pausing the MIDlet with notifyPaused();

    I've done so and works on a SonyEricsson K300I, not on a Nokia 6230

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    Re: background execute ?

    (aviguille, this is Symbian subforum, not j2me)

    To the OP, I suggest you search this forum, as both topics were already discussed extensively (short answer: you can do both)

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    Exclamation Re: background execute ?

    Moved to Java Forum

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