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    Position of Application Icon


    Hello everyone, I have one query.

    Normally when we install any SIS in device, it adds an icon to the menu list.
    So allways when we install any app to device, icon added is at last position.

    Can we define or reset this position?

    Let me explain my question.
    Suppose I have Ex1, Ex2, Ex3. Now I install all these to my mobile, then icons of apps will come in menu list in following sequence:
    All the App icons previously installed.

    Now, I want to know that, I install Ex3 after Ex2 but I want Ex3Icon to come before Ex2Icon in menu list.

    Can we do like this?
    Please suggest me the ways to acheive it.

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    Re: Position of Application Icon

    I consider you want to do it programatically for the user of your application. AFAIK I think its not possible ( I may be wrong ) .. but If you want to do it for your perpose .. tired of scrolling down till the end to reach your application, you can move the app to whever the position and folder you want using Menu.

    KiraN Puranik

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    Re: Position of Application Icon

    Hello Kiran,

    How are you doing? Thanks for your intrest in my query.

    Offcource I want it to be done programmatically for my application. Is there any way, so that when I will install my application it will be positioned as I want. I know it is something difficult, but still if somebody had tried it prior.

    Please get me back, if you have any suggestions.

    Thanks once again.

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    Re: Position of Application Icon

    Hi Pankaj,
    Hope you are successful to place ur application icon to desired position,
    Please reply me how would you make it possible?
    I want to place my application icon to the center of application menu grid,
    any code or logical process will be appriciated,
    Thanks in advance,
    Mauj, Mumbai

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