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    How Can I Change Icon of an Application


    Now I'm devloping an applicaiont using Carbide.C++

    First, I've made Test Project to test some functions.

    When I tried to change icon but I could not find any ways how to chage it.

    In default settings, it uses svg and mifdef files and makes mif file.

    And then make icon using this mif (it describes in Test.rss)

    But I want to change icon which I want to use.

    How Can I change Icon ?

    I already tried as follows

    1. make mif with bmp

    I import bmps, make mifdef file with setting imported bmps.

    But when I built this project there occured "Bmconv" error.

    2. make aif

    I tried to make aif file by using aifdef. But there occured "Save Failed:null"

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    Re: How Can I Change Icon of an Application

    same error "Save Failed:null"

    is there any path setting require in properties c/c++built ?

    for help ::i used aif in both sdk & carbide c++ help

    any one changed appln icon?????????????????????????

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    Re: How Can I Change Icon of an Application

    i am getting problem that the bmp file which we inclde in the aif source folder when opened opens as unsaved and when i try to save it it says that it cannot be saved ,and i tried to put some new icons for my application but it takes the default icons .The problem is that Carbide.C++ Express version does'nt supports the changing of the icons and shows the default icon's in the emulator ,i think they will provide this facility in the next developer's version


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