We're trying to port our MMF plugin (based on the Ogg Vorbis controller sample) from 2nd to 3rd edition (MR, plus the MMF plugin pack), and it consistently fails (at least in the emulator; haven't tried the phone yet). The controller class is instantiated just fine, and then immediately AddSinkL is fired. However, the sample calls SinkThreadLogon at this point, in which I just gets an access violation:

56.440	CMMFAudioServer::NewSessionL - enter
56.440	CMMFAudioServer::StartDevSoundServer - enter
56.440	CMMFAudioServer::StartDevSoundServer - exit
56.440	CStartAndMonitorDevSoundThread::StartDevSoundServer - enter
56.445	FAULT: ncsched.cpp 00000196
(It doesn't seem to ever call the callback.) If I comment out the call to SinkThreadLogon, it goes through AddDataSink, AddSourceSink, and then initializes fine, but dies when the application tries to set the volume, with a "Thread Application::MMFControllerProxyServer94426a8 Panic MMFAudioOutput 6".

FWIW, capabilities checking is turned off, and sound is working fine in the included MP3 player. Any ideas?

/* Steinar */