My questions address to Nokia Series 80 staff directly and focus on Nokia Communicator 9500 -> Series 80 -> CDC 1.0 -> Personal Profile -> Java Native Interface(JNI).

1. JNI allows to load "native libraries" via System.loadLibrary("lib") command.
Can the 9500 load and of its own libraries from <z:"RomDrive"\System\Libs>?

2. Can the library <Etel3rdParty> from the Nokia 9500´s ROM be loaded via JNI and thus its functionallity be made accessible to Personal Profile Java apps?

3. Are there any libraries included on the Nokia 9500 that can be loaded via JNI without having to modify or rebuild them?

4. How can Personal Profile Java apps handle native functions whose return types are references instead of variables?
This question refers to "IMPORT_C void GetSignalStrength (TRequestStatus &aReqStatus, TDes8 &aSignalStrength) const" and other public member functions of CTelephony API.

5. How can a C++ class be instantiated by a JNI call without having to write a C++ source file and build a new library?

My aim is to use Etel3rdParty.dll via JNI for Personal Profile Java apps. Either by loading the library from Nokia 9500´s ROM or by rebuilding Etel3rdParty.dll with JNI export functions.