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Thread: http proxy

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    http proxy


    I've created a simple MIDP1.0 J2ME app for testing the HttpConnection.
    It fetches a web page, and displays its content.
    This midlet worked on my Nokia 6021, but now something goes wrong.
    Now it cannot connect to web servers anymore, EXCEPT the wap proxy server.
    I think this midlet should work if I could make the HttpConnection to use this HTTP proxy server, but I cannot do it. I modified this midlet to display the proxy that the HttpConnection uses (System.getProperty("microedition.http_proxy")), but it displays nothing.
    I cannot specify the proxy in the APN, because the APN has no proxy settings at all.
    Any idea?

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    Re: http proxy


    maybe i'm wrong (kind of newbie),
    (microedition.http_proxy is no longer a valid config parameter)
    if you update your code to most recent specification (for given platform) it could solve some things,


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