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    BIO messaging on Series60 v3

    I have a problem with the bio message on the new platform.
    I have made changes that should be done according to the docs. When I send a message to my device it is recognised as my bio message. The description is shown and the icon is different from the ordinary message icon. However when I click it I get "Unable to execute file for security reasons". My code is never called and I have made sure that I now do absolutely nothing but to Panic when the dll is constructed however this never happens.

    I am wondering if the messaging application have problems loading the dll from sys/bin where the dll is placed or if my dll needs some capability that I am unaware of.


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    Re: BIO messaging on Series60 v3

    Hi Anumeet

    this sounds very much ike a capability problem. I know the MTM system needs more capabilities as advertised ( at least if you implement mtm components like mtmui,mtmuidata, clientmtm, etc)

    maybe you run into something similar. I don't know much about the BIO stuff , but can you reproduce this in the emulator at all? then i would just give your DLL more capabilities and see how it works out.



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