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    Unhappy Regarding Nokia 3120 GPRS features


    I invested in GSM Nokia 3120 for accessing internet via PC using GPRS service (I was/am looking for a non-camera and non-song phone for the purpose) couple of days back. Only after wasting money (I am happy with properly functioning Nokia 3350 for normal phone usage for nearly four years now) , I found out from google search and later nokia support replies that 3120 can't be used as modem (Aargh! I should have searched net before buying it ).

    However I am confused about it, as some rare search results mentioned to the contrary, like this softpedia link - http://mobile.softpedia.com/phones/N...kia-3120.shtml that mentions
    Networking GPRS Yes, Class 4 (3+1 slots)
    Modem Yes, 24 - 36 kbps
    WAP Yes, 1.2.1
    Infrared No

    and also a local nokia shop dealer told me that it will work as modem with original nokia (dku5/ca42) cable that costs nearly half the cost of phone itself. I would not mind that extra investment now if I can be assured by nokia people (and demonstrated by nokia service center) that it really does work.

    I don't know about it, but if 3120 phone browser makes use of on-phone GPRS service and phone doesn't have any hardware modem support, can't nokia team develop software modem module that can be integrated with existing 3120 on-phone software via software upgrade available via nokia site or at it's service centers, that can enable nokia 3120 to be used as gprs modem?

    If nokia provides a economic s/w upgrade solution for the purpose, it will be good enough. As I don't expect them to provide a economic hardware upgrade. In my search I found lot of people whose investment in nokia 3120 for using it as GPRS modem for net access, seems to have got waste. Nokia can earn goodwill of it's users by some effort on their side. I find 3120 as good low-end model without fancy features like camera, fm, mp3/video players etc. and can attract large user base students, home-users and professionals who also want to use it as modem.

    After seaching on net for non-camera etc. nokia models that can be used as gprs modem, found good reviews of 6021, but it seems nokia has removed it from market or stopped manufacturing it. There is a segment of users (professionals) that doesn't want fancy (camera, fm etc.) phones but wants internet access related (modem) features and economic phone. Nokia might lose this segment if some competitor wakes up early enough.


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    Re: Regarding Nokia 3120 GPRS features

    Were u finally able to find some solution to this problem...i am on ur way...

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