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    Bluetooth MAC adress bug

    we can see mobile phone MAC by entering *#2820#

    I found that in some phones MAC adress is the same!

    I found 20 Nokia6230 phones with the same MAC!
    When turn all BlueTooth on many bug's apears!

    Also one time my hadsfree automaticaly conect's to another phone - also with the same MAC!

    How I can change MAC adress of my phone?

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    Post Re: Bluetooth MAC adress bug

    contact http://www.nokia.com/support about these issues

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Bluetooth MAC adress bug

    The Bluetooth MAC address is stored in the BT chip on the phone.The address is either hardcoded or copied from the ROM image to the chip (dependent upon the BT chip manufacturer such as TI,CSR etc)

    These are programmed into the Permanant Memory Manager of the ROM flash image (& done in production/label line)

    I'm afraid these cannot be changed in run time currently.If it needs changing then it would require re-programming the phone.

    This is simliar to the WLAN MAC address


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