i am trying to retrieve the incoming/outgoing call number on Nokia 3250 but i did not get the number becoz it always goes to

if(iRemotePartyInfoV1.iRemoteIdStatus == CTelephony::ERemoteIdentityUnknown)

instead of this
if(iRemotePartyInfoV1.iRemoteIdStatus == CTelephony::ERemoteIdentityAvailable)

I am trying the same code that has been given in
Symbian OS v9.1 » Symbian OS guide » Telephony » Using the Telephony ISV API » How to request notification when information changes

I am getting all the notifications like CTelephony::EStatusConnected and CTelephony::EStatusDisconnecting. But inside these notifications when i try to retrive the number using the following code

CTelephony::TCallInfoV1 callInfoV1;
CTelephony::TCallInfoV1Pckg callInfoV1Pckg( callInfoV1 );

CTelephony::TCallSelectionV1 callSelectionV1;
CTelephony::TCallSelectionV1Pckg callSelectionV1Pckg( callSelectionV1 );

CTelephony::TRemotePartyInfoV1 remotePartyInfoV1;
CTelephony::TRemotePartyInfoV1Pckg remotePartyInfoV1Pckg( remotePartyInfoV1 );

callSelectionV1.iLine = CTelephony::EVoiceLine;
callSelectionV1.iSelect = CTelephony::EInProgressCall;

iTelephony->GetCallInfo( callSelectionV1Pckg, callInfoV1Pckg, remotePartyInfoV1Pckg );

// It never comes here

// It always come here.

I tried with both EInProgressCall and EActiveCall but still no success. Please help.