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    Sending Email from SMS - Urgent

    I'm developing a SMS based email application, where a user can get a SMS once he gets a new Email in his mail server.We are using a Nokia data cable DAU-9P & Nokia SDK for our SMS server.

    The problem is while the user get the notification in his email , I'm not finding a way how he can reply to that mail from cell phone. If he sends a reply SMS(by pressing the reply button of the Cell phone), to the SMS server, there is no way I can track the recipient address, or recipient details.
    Is there any way to find the email details in the SMS message? What are the standard parameters a SMS messgae keeps. Is there any good technical document/web site, which may be helpfull for getting this information.

    Thanks is advance...

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    RE: Sending Email from SMS - Urgent

    Hi Chiradeep,

    Happened to read your question here. I am also moving in to that kinda aplication. My next step is email to SMS...

    My first step is:
    I have built a small SMS application running on
    Windows 98 box using Nokia Card Phone 2.0, Nokia PC connectivity SDK 1.0 for Nokia Card Phone and Visual Basic 6.0

    In this application user can send SMS to mobile phone. I am using a SIM card inserted in to the Nokia Card Phone for this purpose...
    So When a person 'A', send a SMS to another person 'B', thru my application, my phone number only person 'B" will get...when that person 'B' reply back, I get SMS reply.i can trap it.but how do i know that this message is intended for person 'A'????

    Which platform you are working??? Are you also using Card Phone???
    We can exchange ideas and other things???

    Your ideas and tips is more valuable for me.
    Expecting your reply.

    Thanks in advance

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