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    FileConnection/InputStream reading problem


    I am facing a problem with reading in data from a file using FileConnection.

    Cannot seem to read in any data from a file exceeding a certain file size.

    Below is a sample extract from my code which gives the problem:

    InputStream in=null;
    ByteArrayOutputStream bStrm=null;
    FileConnection fc = null;

    byte[] byteArray=null;
    byte[] raw = null;

    fc = (FileConnection) Connector.open("file://"+sfile.getPath()+

    in = fc.openInputStream();
    int noOfBytesRead=1;

    for(int i=1; i<=numChunks; i++){

    bStrm = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    noOfBytesRead = 1;

    while(noOfBytesRead != -1) {
    byteArray = new byte[1];
    // System.out.println("in is null");
    // System.out.println("byteArray is null");
    noOfBytesRead = in.read(byteArray);

    if (noOfBytesRead != -1) {
    //System.out.println("byte stream write");

    raw = bStrm.toByteArray();

    catch(Exception e){

    The code above gives a NullPointerException at the line: in.read(byteArray) when I open the InputStream of a file of size 16MB. But for a file that is 14MB in size below, there is no problem. Uncommenting the println statements reveal that InputStream in is not null.

    I have varied the size of byteArray from 1 to 512 to 32K but it still fails.

    Can anyone help? Thanks a lot.

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    Re: FileConnection/InputStream reading problem

    oops... sorry forgot to mention that i have been testing on an S60 Nokia emulator. Hope this additional detail helps.

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