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    Session management in Stateless environment

    I'm developing a Java based SMS server, which has a stateless environment. Can anyone suggest how to manage sessions in a stateless environment?

    Thanks is advance...

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    RE: Session management in Stateless environment


    There isn't any good way to create session at SMS dialog. Only method is to bind the MSISDN number to some period of time.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Help on 2 way GSM Modem


    I am developing an application and the flow is like this.

    1.I am having group of clients who send SMS to me via web interface to their friends with sender ID set to my modem number.

    2.Now their receivers will send reply to the modem number.I will receive all these messages to my GSM modem(Nokia 7110 phone modem).

    3.Now I have to take the message ie reply and send to the concerned client to his mail ID using Java mail api.

    Now is there a way using which I can maintain the session of the receivng message and map it with the correct mail ID.

    Is there a way by which without the knowledge of receiving user,can I set some unique identifier?.

    Your advise will be highly appreciated.



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