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    Unhappy How could i get a SNAP server?

    This is a foolish question..., but i really what to know:

    WHERE and HOW could i get a real snap server? Does nokia sell it or i SHOULD develop it myself?

    And, does SNAP support httpconnection via a http proxy?

    thanks a lot for answering my quesions!

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    Re: How could i get a SNAP server?


    The SNAP Mobile server emulator environment is available in the SNAP Mobile 1.1 SDK.

    Access to the live development servers is available through SNAP Mobile Forum Nokia Support.

    We do not sell or lease the servers and creation of a non-nokia server to work with the client is against Nokia's TOS.

    All client connections to the network are managed by the SNAP Mobile client.
    As such, it is not permissable to contact non-Nokia services with a game client.


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