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    Audio Playback Notification

    I have an audio application (Series 60 3rd Ed) which plays audio via the CMdaAudioOutputStream. I also implement the MMdaAudioOutputStreamCallback interface. Now, when my application is playing audio and then another application (i.e the standard media player app) starts playback of its own audio, my application doesn't get notified of this when testing on device (N91). However, when testing on the emulator i get notified through the MaoscPlayComplete method because i receive a KErrInUse (-14) error code.

    The problem is that i get audio playback from both my app and the other audio app (standard media player). I would like to pause my audio playback when another audio application's playback is started.

    Is there any reason as to why the device wont inform my app that another application wants to use the audio hardware? Also, is there any other method by which i can get informed of another app wishing to use the audio hardware.


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    Re: Audio Playback Notification

    Just want to chime in and say that I've seen the same behaviour in all 3rd edition devices I've tested.

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