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    Challenge player - how to do it?

    I'm trying to start a challenge match but I have some problems. I'm doing things according to "SNAP game dev guide". Here is how I do it:

    - Client 1 (C1) challenges Client 2 (C2): buddy message is sent (it contains uniqe room name based on challanging player userID)
    - just after sending message C1 calls gameStart(..)
    - C2 recieves message (with the same roomID that C1 sent)
    - C2 accepts challange and calls gameStart(..) with exactly the same parameters as C1

    I thought once both clients call gameStart (with the same lobby and game room parameters) they would both join the specified game room. However, for both C1 and C2 gameStart doesn't return (it returns after timeout for both clents).

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    Re: Challenge player - how to do it?

    Likely you need to change the leader flag for the C2 client.
    C1 has leader set to 1. C2 has leader set to 0.
    This indicates that C1 is the challenger, C2 the challengee.


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    Re: Challenge player - how to do it?

    Also, there are instructions for downloading a complete 2-player SNAP Mobile sample game here:


    This game implements challenge and response gamestarts between two clients, so you can inspect the implementation.

    Hope this helps!


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