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    Question Please HELP verify SDK Emulator bug - does not show selected radiobutton

    Is there anyone out there that has the Series 60 2nd Edition SDK for Symbian OS Emulator installed - Can you Please test and confirm my bug?

    Please verify this:
    In the emulator - if you select Applications -> Tools -> Converter and select Options -> Set type - to change the conversion type - with the radio button list shown, the emulator fails to show the highlighted item - it instead shows nothing - a blanked out area as you scroll through the list, the highlighted item is always blank (the blanked out item moves up or down the list as you click Up/Down). This makes it impossible to see or change the radio buttons without guessing which one is selected...

    I am trying to work with an application that uses screen captures of the connected phone - using the Emulator to get things started - but I cannot see 'selected' radio buttons on this emulator - I found them in the Converter - but they do not work.

    Is there a fix for this - could it be a bad install - Please test and confirm or not - whether I should attempt uninstall/reinstall or not...

    Other bugs?:
    There are quite a few areas of this emulator that do not work - is this correct, or should all areas work??? Again I wonder if I have a bad install?
    Clicking Tools -> Clock reports "System error" - I cannot set the emulator time.
    Tools -> Rights Mangement give me 'Unable to access usage rights. Phone will restart. Continue? - clicking yes does nothing...
    Configuration -> Settings gives "General settings: Feature is not supported".


    Source of this SDK: Installed and have been using the emulator from:
    Series 60 2nd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, Supporting Feature Pack 3, For C++; file name: s60_2nd_sdk_fp3.zip
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