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    Exclamation Not able to download Nokia Series60 SDK for 3rd Edition

    Hi everyone,
    I am not able to download Nokia series60 SDK for 3rd Edition. When ever I click on the link nothing happens. Has anyone been able to download this SDK? Is there anyother link from where you can get this SDK?

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    Re: Not able to download Nokia SDK 3rd Edition

    It should work, try again, it may just be a local node is slow or something. If you continue to have problems, select the feedback at the bottom of the web page and send it to the web site administrator.


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    Re: Not able to download Nokia Series60 SDK for 3rd Edition

    I have downloaded the S60 3rd Ed SDK on last Tuesday, and it downloaded pretty fine. And did not come across any download problems.

    May be you should try some time later. I guess some network problem might have occoured while you tried to download. Please make sure that you are logged in.
    AFAIK, there is no other link other than the download link in Forum Nokia

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