I am a J2ME professional working in software firm. I am working on a project that requires me to create SMIL files and play them on my mobile handset. I am unable to do so. Could you please help me out? I want to create a SMIL file that can be played on a mobile. This SMIL code of mine plays well on my browser. But I cannot get it to play on my mobile. Please suggest? is there any problem with my src? Please find the attached SMIL file . These are the steps that I have done.

1. Created the SMIL file.
2. Uploaded the SMIL file to our server( which is not a streaming server)
3.Called the SMIL file: http://ourserver/newaud.smil

But what I am getting is simply the code of the SMIL file. Ofcourse, Nokia 6600,6630 and 6680 supports SMIL. The links can be seperately opened and can be played on the mobile. But I want the mobile to play the .rm files as in a playlist.

Thanks in advance,

Sreeganesh S

email : sreeganesh@britekindia.com