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    Lightbulb S60 2nd OR 3rd edition for new software development

    I will be starting to code for a software which will run on the symbian devices. Since I am new to this world need some help regarding choosing the platform to start with.
    I am confused to go with which SDK to go with 2nd edition or 3rd edition. Since 3rd edition is new and improved but is not backward compatible with the 2nd edition. If taken 2nd edition I will have to port it again for the 3rd edition. This confusion is only since the 2nd edition devices are nearly 60-70% of the total market.

    How difficult or time consuming it will be to port the code from 2nd edition to 3rd edition ?

    Choosing only 3rd edition platform is Ok or should consider development for both ?


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    Re: S60 2nd OR 3rd edition for new software development

    I think it might be easier to get started with 2nd edition SDKs, and when you get used to it, you could try porting your applications to the 3rd edition.


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