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    Browsing folder over Bluetooth with k-java ??

    I am wondering if it's possible to let a phone browse a folder on a desktop computer over bluetooth.

    OK if it is impossible (correct me if I am wrong) to do that with current features on the phone. Then is it possible to install a small k-java application onto the phone and be able do that ??

    Just have a program on the phone. it starts and I can see a few files in a folder on the desktop. Can k-java application call the bluetooth profile APIs?

    Thanks in advance on your advise!

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    Re: Browsing folder over Bluetooth with k-java ??


    for me it seems that you need two applications, one for phone another for destkop, both using with bluetooth connection,
    that one for phone could be developed with sun wtk/nokias sdk,


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    noodlegd, this is possible out of the box with Sony Ericsson and Samsung mobile phones. For Nokia you could install such a Folder Browser application. It needs to follow JSR-82, JSR-75 and the FTP Bluetooth profile. A lot of work, but possible. No installation required on the computer.

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