I am trying to create a new MTM based on the TextMTM example. I am trying on 3rd emulator now

But the TextMTM example will crash out with Message: CONE 14 when I try to display the menu from the Viewer. It seems it cannot find the menu resources. I have been trying to find out what is wrong with the resources files but everything looks fine.

Could that be something different with the menu resources in a ECom plugin?

Here is my situation:

Start "Messaging"
Select "New Message"
Select "TextMTM"
Input anything into the pop-up dialog
Press the Left CBA button.

It should show the menu of the ECom plugin "viewer", but it crashes out with CONE 14

Anyone have successfully make a MTM viewer menu functioning? Or anything different about an ECom plugin from a standard standalone EXE?

Thanks a lot, I have been trying for so long and still no idea....