I have some detailed questions about encoding mm ( for the mm1 interface), especially about sending mms from the view of a client. I also read some OMA Specifications, but they weren’t very helpful. But they say that there are two ways to communicate with the mmsc.
1. The Client creates a wsp package and sends it to its wap gateway. The wap gateway converts this wsp package into http package and sends it to the mmsc.
2. The Client creates a http package and send it to the mmsc on the direct way.

And I want to take a look on the second way.
If the Client wants to send an mm, it sends an m-send.req, that is a http post request. Now my first question: How does the Header of this http post request look like? I created an example:
POST /mms HTTP/1.1
Host: www.provider.com
Content-Type: application/vnd.wap.mms-message
Is that ok? Do I need other headerlines like “Content-Encoding” or “User-Agent” or something like that? If yes, which headerlines do I also need and what are their values?

The content of this http post contains the mm, which also consist of an mm header and an mm content. Now my next question: How does the header of the mm look like. I know that I need some mandatory header fields. In case of an m-send.req those header fields are:
I looked up the assigned numbers of these fields. The assigned number of the “X-Mms-Message-Type” field is “0x0C”. How do I use this value? Do I just write:
as the first two characters of the mm header?

Then I looked up the values of these fields and the assigned numbers of these values. The value of the “X-Mms-Message-Type” field should be “m-send-req” in this case and the assigned number of this value is “<Octet 128>”. Huh ? Now I am even more confused… how shall I interpret this assigned number? Can I just write “80” into the header because 80 in hex is 128 in bin. So my header now looks like this:
Is that right? Can u give a complete header example for a m-send.req, if I want to send an image/jpeg and a audio/wav in the same mm, because the value of content-type field is even harder to comprehend. And when the header is ready, the mm content follows. And how does the mm content look like? Is there a start marker and an end marker for the whole content or even between the parts of the content ( if I want to send image/jpeg and audio/wav at the same time for example) and how Is the content encoded? Can you give an example?

Sorry that this text is so long…

I hope you can help me